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The Best Gift for Women This Winter: The Scarf That’s Been Making News as The Softest, Warmest, Lightest Scarf Ever Made

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Over 14,000 5 Star Reviews and Counting: Ovcio’s Featherlight Scarf is Not to Be Missed

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Don't let chill catch you unprepared!

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf
Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

Note: You'll probably never wear a regular scarf again.

Sara's Story

‘She deserves the best’

It was Sara’s mother’s 65th birthday. She wanted it to be really special. Her mom was her rock. She was the perfect mother who raised Sara and her two brothers with love and affection. 

Ever since her dad’s death last December, Sara watched her mother grow older day by day. It was like her grief was eating her from inside. 

Sara had never seen her mother so weak. Her fragile bones were giving up, winters were especially hard. Her mom was always complaining about the cold.

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf
Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

She even had to go to the emergency a few times. 

She was forced to wear layer upon layers of clothes to keep her warm. It was even more difficult for her to manage all this extra burden. 

That’s when Sara started to look around for something that would keep her mother warm while being light and soft.

Sara wanted to gift her mother something that would make sure that her mother didn’t have to wear multiple layers to keep warm. 

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

She wanted her mother to be free to move and not feel congested with all these clothes on her. 

‘The softest, warmest, lightest scarf ever made’

It drew Sara’s attention right away. She found the Featherlight Scarf, read how it was made from the lightest and warmest Grade Mongolian cashmere. How it was five to six times warmer than ordinary wool scarves. 

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf
Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

She was sold on the idea immediately and ordered two for her mother. 

‘It was magic. The scarf was so light and soft that I got worried it wouldn’t be warm at all. That was not the case at all. I couldn’t believe how something that light could be so warm’.

Sara’s mother loved the scarf too. 

Finally, she didn’t need to be buried under layers to keep warm. She loved how the scarf was both large and stylish so she could cover everything easily while looking stylish. 

It was a success.

Sara ordered three more right away. 

Sara shared the story with us through the mail. She wanted to thank us for helping her mother feel warm. 

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

But she isn’t alone. There are hundreds of other women with the same story of how the Featherlight scarf made for a perfect gift for their loved ones. 

You must be thinking ‘what makes it so special that it’s being called the perfect gift for women’. 

What Makes the Ovcio Featherlight Scarf the Best Gift You Can Get for The Women in Your Life

It can be your mother, your sister, your friends. Whoever it is, Ovcio Featherlight scarf is your best bet to get the best gift that they have ever received. Why? 

Let’s see. 

The following are the features that make the Ovcio Featherlight scarf women’s favorite thing to wear. 

It Will Keep You Warm and Snug

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

The first thing that you will notice about the Featherlight Scarf is how warm it is. You will look at the material used, will notice how light it is, and say to yourself, what magic is this, what material is this. 

This is what we call Ovcio magic and the material?  Grade A Mongolian cashmere, the warmest and lightest cashmere in the world. Such warmth doesn’t come easy. 

With age, women tend to feel colder, mainly because metabolism slows down, and the body doesn’t produce as much heat. In such a situation, normal wool and cashmere don’t work. 

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf is specifically designed for women so that they don’t feel cold ever again. 

It will be a perfect gift for your mother and grandmother, they need all the warmth that they can get without having to wear layers on top of layers to stay warm. 


Mongolian Cashmere Is the Softest Material You Have Ever Seen

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

The magic of Mongolian cashmere doesn’t stop at being warm and light. It is the softest material ever made because of the structure of the threads themselves. 

Mongolian cashmere fibers have an extremely fine diameter, just 19 microns. 

Compare that to the 60 to 120 microns that is the diameter of human hair. Now you know why the Ovcio Featherlight Scarf is made from the softest cashmere.

Feeling cold

One of the biggest issues with ordinary scarves is that they are annoyingly scratchy and itchy. You don’t wear them; you bear them because you are cold. Not anymore.

Wanting to feel warm shouldn’t lead you to wear bulky scarves. For older women, the weight is just too much. With the Ovcio Featherlight scarf, that’s not an issue at all. 

That is why women are going crazy for it to gift it to their mothers and grandmothers and themselves because why not? When you find the perfect scarf, you don’t let it go. 

Your Neck Will Thank You!

Did you know that your neck is the single most important part of your body that you need to keep warm, or you can die? 

Yes, you read it right. Having an exposed neck in the winters can kill you. 

It turns out that the lower your body temperature is, the easier it is for cold-flu viruses to attack your system. 

Feeling cold

On the other hand, if your body temperature is higher, your immune system is able to produce more interferons, the compounds that keep you safe from viruses and infections. 

How it relates to keeping your neck warm? The base of your neck is where your body’s thermostat rests. It means that if your neck is cold, it will signal the rest of your body to conserve heat and keep the core organs warm. 

In doing so, your hands, feet, and other exposed organs will be left cold and icy, welcoming all sorts of viruses and bacteria. 

The Ovcio Featherlight Scarf is designed to help you easily cover your neck completely, leaving nothing exposed to the brutal cold. In this way, you will be able to keep your neck warm no matter how cold the temperature is. 

Doesn’t that make a must-have for you and your loved ones? We think it does. 

It Will Help You Look Stylish and Chic

Feeling cold
Feeling cold

'All the scarves that I buy are so small that I can barely cover myself, let alone keep me warm' says Alicia, one of our customers who was incredibly happy that she finally found a scarf that is large in size that keeps her warm all around. 

The Ovcio Featherlight Scarf comes in a large size for two reasons. One, you can easily style it any way you want, the possibilities are endless. Whatever type of dress you are wearing, the Featherlight Scarf will only make it better. 

Two, you can cover yourself completely so that you don’t feel cold. Why is it important? Because if you are not covered well, the cold winter breeze will get you and the whole thing will be useless. 

The Perfect Accessory for Every Dress 

Feeling cold
Feeling cold

Colors, colors, colors, all the colors you can imagine. 

The Featherlight scarf comes in a wide range of fresh and bright chic colors. Taffy pink. Yellow. Teal. Fuchsia. Mint Lavender. Chocolate. Red. Dark Pink and the list goes on and on and on. 

With all these colors, the Featherlight scarf is the perfect accessory for every dress. 

Heading to a party? 

Going for a walk? 

Leaving for a hiking trip? 

There’s a color for every occasion. 

This is our customers’ biggest complaint. They say there are so many colors and all of them are so beautiful that you can’t resist buying every one of them. To that, we say, WHY NOT?

 Why not pamper yourself? We are all about feeling good, happy, and warm and that is why we tell our customers to not only buy these for themselves for others too. This is a gift of a lifetime. 

That is the reason that women have been buying these scarves by the bundle, for their mother, sister, friends, and who not. 

When it comes to the safety of your loved ones, you just can’t compromise. 

You Will Never Have to Worry About Its Handiness

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

The annoying winter conundrum, ‘should I wear a scarf or not’? If you wear it, you have to wear it all day long because you don’t have any place to pack it. 

That bulky scarf can’t fit into the biggest of handbags. You are either left with wearing more layers or going without anything and suffering all day. 

That changes today. The Featherlight Scarf has been designed to be so light and compact that it can fit in your pocket. YES, your pocket.

 It doesn’t get better than this. 

The YarNEO™ Weaving technology used to make Ovcio’s featherlight scarf is a modern innovation. It really works like magic. 

This technology weaves these scarves so fine that they are the lightest and the most compact scarves ever made. 

Goodbye bulky, ugly scarves. 

Say hello to the future.

Chic, stylish, and compact.

What more do you need?

It Brings You 100% All-natural Comfort

We know that we only have one planet, and we value sustainability more than anything. That is why we uphold the highest sustainability standards for all our products.

Feeling cold
Feeling cold

From cashmere sourcing, weaving technology hardware, and color dyes, everything is sustainable and environment friendly.

The material we use is all-natural, from sourcing to color dying to market.

Being made from all natural materials means there is no risk for allergy. All our scarves are perfectly safe to use with all skin types.

No more itching.

Just mind-blowing softness!

See Ovcio in action

Women Loveee It!

One loves how soft it is, another one just loves how it is so light, yet so warm. A lot of them bought it as a gift for their mother or their sister and came back to tell us how they absolutely loved it.

 Check out what these women are saying and see for yourself the magic that the Featherlight scarf casts upon its buyers.

"I love my new Ovcio scarf.❤️ It's beautifully sheer and very soft. I have a feeling it will be very warm in the Fall and winter months. I love how it came in a little bag - that makes traveling with it easier." - Fanya

"I received my Ovcio last week. Since then I have worn it three times. I absolutely love it. I wore my scarf as a wrap yesterday…It complemented my dress so perfectly. My best friend loved it also that she will be ordering some scarf for herself and daughter. She stated that it would be perfect for traveling and the cool nights in Aruba. I will be buying other scarfs soon. Thank You Ovcio." - Celia~

"I love my new Ovcio scarf. It's as beautiful and featherlight as promised, and was delivered in a gift box, with a pretty storage bag. The only problem is that I now want one in every color!" - Joanne

"I absolutely love the 2 Ovcio scarves I bought (Black & Navy for work). The packaging was lush and I felt very spoiled. I've worn my black scarf to work and it definitely kept the AC off my back very well. It packed up very small so it will now be my go to for the office. Definite plans to buy some more in bright colors for personal use. I live in the tropics so this is truly the best compromise. You will not be disappointed if you buy one (or two or three!) :) They are very big (as advertised) but because they are so light they just drape beautifully (well, much better than my old cotton one I've had since the 90s) and pack small so they travel very well.

I had some delays with the postage but that was caused by the Post on my side (Covid disruptions).

Communications were excellent and I received notification when items were packaged and then when they were shipped (with tracking).I truly cannot fault the experience - they are expensive but it is cashmere, and it definitely was worth the price." - Rebecca

"I wore my new Ovcio to an outdoor music event that started at 5pm when it was still warm. By 8:30, it had cooled down and the scarf was perfect for keeping my shoulders warm. I’m buying another one - they are expensive but worth the investment." - Rosalind

"I absolutely LOVE my Ovcio scarf. It feel wonderful - soft, light - and looks even better! The lavender is beautiful and is now my new accent color! I am very happy that I took a chance on purchasing from you. I am very satisfied with the product and the shipping was swift. I am looking forward to purchasing another. There is only one problem: sooooo many amazing colors to choose from!" - Maria

"Got the light weight scarf and it was wonderfully soft but very warm. It was such a pleasure to wear it on a chilly evening. Even though the scarf looks simple, it goes with any type of clothing one has." - Kuanhatai

"Where have you been all my life! I thought reviews were probably inflated or the scarf was not going to be very warm or the scarf wouldn’t be sturdy. I was wrong. I don’t leave the house without my scarf. It is always in my pocketbook. If the pocketbook of the week doesn’t have room for my scarf, then the pocketbook has to find a new home. I have used the scarf in the car, in a restaurant, at home, at the beach. I have plates, rods and screws in my cervical spine. I can't tolerate any cold on my neck so I have lots of scarves, Ovcio is absolutely the best! Thank you so much for this product." - Margaret

How Do I Buy?

The Ovcio Featherlight scarf is available on Ovcio’s website online. Ordering is the easiest. All you have to do is check out the different styles that the scarf comes in and choose the one you like. That’s it. 

Fill in your details and voilà, you are all set. We offer Free Shipping and Free Returns for every order. We have a 100 percent satisfaction rate as all our customers love their Featherlight scarves. 

You can explore our gift ideas to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Are you ready to be an Ovcio girl and experience the lightest, softest, and warmest scarf ever made?

*Update:As winter is around the corner, women have been going crazy for the Ovcio Featherlight scarf. A recent review by Forbes has skyrocketed the sales. More women are now buying the Ovcio Featherlight scarf for their loved ones, thanks to the fabulous reviews we have been receiving from our customers. If you are looking to buy an Ovcio Featherlight scarf, this is your chance because no one knows when this stock will run out and the next stock will be available. Hurry now. Order it before stock runs out. 

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf
Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

PLEASE NOTE: As a special introductory exclusive offer, the company is now offering Free Cloth Pouch + Free Shipping to all new customers

This deal can be removed at any time, so act now to take advantage of this special offer.

Plus, if you aren’t totally happy with your Ovcio Scarf, return them for a full refund. They even cover the return postage!

Their popular styles run out of stock very quickly every time. Grab yours when it is still available.

Please check their site to see if your favorite color is still available.

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Click the link above to see if your favorite style is still available.

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