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If You're Over Thirty - This Is The Most Practical Fashion Accessory In Your Handbag, Luggage, and Wardrobe.

Ovcio is truly a game-changer! It has over 14,000 5-Star Reviews!

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Don't let chill catch you unprepared!

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

Note: You'll probably never wear a regular scarf again.

My Story

I was first introduced to it by my girlfriend last year when we were out with friends. She does not like to carry big bags or anything extra. She hates putting things in her pockets and prefers to not even carry her phone.

You can definitely call her a minimalist.

Well, we were finishing up dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and decided to grab one last glass of wine at the bar across the street before calling it a night.🥂

It was just after sundown.You could feel the air lighten up and that crisp drop in temperature hit us all as soon as we walked out the front door.

2 of our friends let out a loud cringe that indicated they were not happy about the decision to stay out.

I can’t say I was either. That’s when it happened!

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf
Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

She was like a magician

She pulled out her scarf from nowhere. She was only carrying a small purse! She was like a magician.

And then she was like a matador!💃

She waved the scarf up into the air, letting its colors dance in the sky, and draped it over her shoulders, and wrapped it around herself like a warm hug.

What just happened? Where did that come from?

The rest of us stood speechless in shock.😲 Not only was she warm but also just had a complete wardrobe change to fit the vibe for the wine bar.

We were all so jealous. And we all ordered one before our first glass of wine arrived.

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

It changed my lifestyle - Positively

I am flying to my sister’s birthday party tomorrow for a long week (I know I wish I lived closer) but this is the first thing I am going to pack. And not just to wear there but so that I can have it on the plane!

It is my favorite thing to travel with.

The airport and airplane are always so unpredictable with the set temperature. It is so relieving to be able to rely on my Ovcio scarf to be able to cover my arms and almost act like a blanket.

I know the second I get there and she sees it, she’s going to want one too. Good thing I already got her one for her birthday!

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

I know - We are experiencing the same problem.

When was the last time you sat down for dinner on a date with your significant other and felt the cold breeze from the AC vent right above you?

Or how about a brisk wind sneaking up your back and giving you goosebumps as you walk back home after watching the sunset?

It always happens when we are least accepting it. We get cold, shiver, and it changes everything! We get grumpy and complain.

And we always try and be prepared, but it is so hard!

“Are you going to be cold?” your husband asks before you leave the house...only for you to ask “Did you bring a jacket?” 2 hours later. You steal it from him.

It’s bulky. It covers up your well-thought-out outfit for the night. Ugh so annoying to even think about.😵

Feeling cold
Feeling cold

How can we look good for such unprepared chill?


Ovcio Featherlight Scarf is the best answer to this annoyance. Let me tell you why. I’ll start with 3 words.

Featherlight Pure Cashmere

Yes, Featherlight Cashmere. It is 100% Cashmere weaving with the Featherlight tech. 

The raw cashmere is sourced from across the globe in Mongolia because it’s the best. And Featherlight™ weaving tech makes the cashmere fabric 68% lighter, but even warmer, softer, and more breathable.

Feeling cold
Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

Ovcio has been working on an accessory that is so easy for you to carry around while also allowing you to look feminine with the flick of a hand.

No need to steal a jacket... No need to pack a sweater that does not work with the rest of the look. 😉

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

It keeps you warm everywhere!

Wrapping yourself up in this Featherlight Cashmere Scarf is always a treat when it is cold out there. Because it is so warm, lightweight and breathable — You may even forget that you are wearing a scarf sometimes.

They figured it all out. These scarves are small enough to pack in your (or your partner’s) pocket, so stylish, so soft, and so warm. 

The material is luxurious. The patterns are cute. It will actually change your life.

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

It adds a pop of color to your outfit!

No need to worry about freezing early morning or goosebumps because of chilly breeze when walking by the beach...

You will pull the perfect packed scarf out of your handbag (yes it fits!) - add a little pop of color to your outfit, and warm yourself up.

Just like that. So easy!

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf
Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

Say BYE to itch and allergy

It’s light. It’s warm. You will not get over how soft it is. Featherlight yarns of pure bliss. 

Best of all, there are so many styles to choose from. I want them all. But honestly, you cannot go wrong. It comes back to the material which makes these so great. 

The scarves are so light but so warm. I cannot put how soft it is into words - they choose “mind-blowing” - which is not wrong. 

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

30+ Styles - Grab your favorite one

The style and patterns available are simply the cherries on top. They offer a beautiful selection, but that’s expected from a product that is so perfect. 

Choose whichever, I don’t care. All I care about is the material. The CASHMERE!!!! 

AND Ovcio made it much softer than I last remembered.

Who doesn’t like cashmere?? When was the last time it was ever a bad thing?

“Gross! Is that Cashmere” - said no one ever.

The conversation goes like this “Oh, that is so soft!! Is that cashmere?” “Yes! It’s actually Featherlight Cashmere from my new favorite company - Ovcio.”

You have officially been warned! You will have that ^ conversation 1 million times when you wear yours.☺️

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf
Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

You can wear it in 10+ ways

So you’ll get new compliments on the same scarf from the same people who have already seen it on you! 

It’s a great way to mix up your wardrobe and it’s so fun to play around with.

That is another reason why the price is totally worth it... It’s so functional and is the perfect way to spruce up your wardrobe in a variety of ways. 

Scarves are timeless! And Ovcio is luxury. What more do you want? Don’t just take my word for it, check out the reviews.

See Ovcio in action

Everyone loves Ovcio...

Ovcio has an average 94% 5-star rating with over 14,000 reviews. That is way over 13,000 5 star reviews. That is pretty hard to come by these days. Check out some of the top reviews below.

"I love my new Ovcio scarf.❤️ It's beautifully sheer and very soft. I have a feeling it will be very warm in the Fall and winter months. I love how it came in a little bag - that makes traveling with it easier." - Fanya

"I received my Ovcio last week. Since then I have worn it three times. I absolutely love it. I wore my scarf as a wrap yesterday…It complemented my dress so perfectly. My best friend loved it also that she will be ordering some scarf for herself and daughter. She stated that it would be perfect for traveling and the cool nights in Aruba. I will be buying other scarfs soon. Thank You Ovcio." - Celia~

"I love my new Ovcio scarf. It's as beautiful and featherlight as promised, and was delivered in a gift box, with a pretty storage bag. The only problem is that I now want one in every color!" - Joanne

"I absolutely love the 2 Ovcio scarves I bought (Black & Navy for work). The packaging was lush and I felt very spoiled. I've worn my black scarf to work and it definitely kept the AC off my back very well. It packed up very small so it will now be my go to for the office. Definite plans to buy some more in bright colors for personal use. I live in the tropics so this is truly the best compromise. You will not be disappointed if you buy one (or two or three!) :) They are very big (as advertised) but because they are so light they just drape beautifully (well, much better than my old cotton one I've had since the 90s) and pack small so they travel very well.

I had some delays with the postage but that was caused by the Post on my side (Covid disruptions).

Communications were excellent and I received notification when items were packaged and then when they were shipped (with tracking).I truly cannot fault the experience - they are expensive but it is cashmere, and it definitely was worth the price." - Rebecca

"I wore my new Ovcio to an outdoor music event that started at 5pm when it was still warm. By 8:30, it had cooled down and the scarf was perfect for keeping my shoulders warm. I’m buying another one - they are expensive but worth the investment." - Rosalind

"I absolutely LOVE my Ovcio scarf. It feel wonderful - soft, light - and looks even better! The lavender is beautiful and is now my new accent color! I am very happy that I took a chance on purchasing from you. I am very satisfied with the product and the shipping was swift. I am looking forward to purchasing another. There is only one problem: sooooo many amazing colors to choose from!" - Maria

"Got the light weight scarf and it was wonderfully soft but very warm. It was such a pleasure to wear it on a chilly evening. Even though the scarf looks simple, it goes with any type of clothing one has." - Kuanhatai

"Where have you been all my life! I thought reviews were probably inflated or the scarf was not going to be very warm or the scarf wouldn’t be sturdy. I was wrong. I don’t leave the house without my scarf. It is always in my pocketbook. If the pocketbook of the week doesn’t have room for my scarf, then the pocketbook has to find a new home. I have used the scarf in the car, in a restaurant, at home, at the beach. I have plates, rods and screws in my cervical spine. I can't tolerate any cold on my neck so I have lots of scarves, Ovcio is absolutely the best! Thank you so much for this product." - Margaret

Where can you get Ovcio?

Ovcio Featherlight™ Scarves are only sold on their website So they can guarantee the consistent product quality and customer services. Right now they just released a new Fall & Winter collection with their Anniversary Sale.

*Update: Ever since the Ovcio Featherlight™ Scarf was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 1 million scarves. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a Free Shipping + Free Returns for every order. 

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf
Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

PLEASE NOTE: As a special introductory exclusive offer, the company is now offering Free Cloth Pouch + Free Shipping to all new customers

This deal can be removed at any time, so act now to take advantage of this special offer.

Plus, if you aren’t totally happy with your Ovcio Scarf, return them for a full refund. They even cover the return postage!

Their popular styles run out of stock very quickly every time. Grab yours when it is still available.

Please check their site to see if your favorite color is still available.

Check Availability

Click the link above to see if your favorite style is still available.

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