June 25, 2018 2 min read

We all know that cashmere scarf always looks luxurious and decent. But to bring out its beauty more, it has to be styled just the right way. If you have no single clue how to style a cashmere scarf and make it look just perfect, you don't have to worry.

There is a lot of people out there with a similar challenge but with some simple guides, you will get more insights on how to properly dress up your loved cashmere scarf.


Right here, we will be sharing a few ways to wear the cashmere scarf, giving it a unique and gorgeous look.

1. The first style on the list is quite simple to learn and if you are able to get it just right, it looks flawless. Simply holds one end of the cashmere scarf, wrap it around your neck once and drape it to your back. To add more style and make it look more elegant and beautiful, you can also tie the ends of the cashmere scarf at a point around your back.


    2. This elegant way to wear a cashmere scarf is another good way to keep the upper body warm in the cold days. To wear your scarf to prevent cold and still give you that elegant look, Fully opens the whole cashmere scarf and spread it across your shoulder in such a way that it will cover your back. Then, toss either the right or left end over your shoulder and allow the other end spread out in front.

    3. Here is another simple style with a stunning look. Here, all you need to do is to have the cashmere scarf wrap around your neck a few times (depends on the length of your scarf), make sure that it is loose around you to give a relaxed and cozy looking. To add more vibes to this style, you can either make the knot sideways or at the center.

    4. Try this stunning style and check out how beautiful it will make you look! Here, you also bundle your cashmere scarf in a thin manner and lay it flat. After that, do a form of a criss-cross fold at the end of the scarf.

    5. Lastly, if you are having an over-sized cashmere scarf, you can actually try wearing it like a cashmere wrap. Fully spread the wrap around your back and shoulder and tuck both ends inside your arm and tie a knot in the back. This is a practical way to keep you warm on the trip or in the office.

    There are tons of ways out there for styling your cashmere scarf. Try different styles with your different outfits and you will be amazed by the glam from the cashmere scarf. If you are interested, click here for the cashmere scarf wearing tutorial.