The Softness of 200 Cashmere Yarns

200 Yarn means 200 meters’ length of fiber that weighs only 1 gram

Cashmere Goat

Cashmere is one of the rarest materials on Earth. It grows on Mongolian mountain goats in the coldest times of the year and protects them from harsh winters that can reach as low as -40°C. Almost all Cashmere is sourced from the Central and East Asian steppe, which has the ideal condition for producing tough, warm, and high-quality fibers.

Since one goat of a special breed produces just 150g of wool per year, access to quality cashmere is not easy. This is why most scarf brands blend cashmere with other materials like silk and mulberry.

Here at Ovcio, however, we are contracted with a farm in Mongolia that takes care of their goats, pampers them, and promotes sustainable use of such a precious material. This partnership allows us to source the finest Mongolian Cashmere and use our state-of-the-art machinery in Inner Mongolia to weave the extremely fine yarn one by one to make a beautiful 100% Cashmere scarf.

Ovcio Cashmere Scarf

The Softest, Most Breathable Material

Cashmere is the underlying layer underneath the goat’s “Guard hair”: it’s there to keep it warm, breathing well, and protected even in freezing blizzards.

That’s why it’s perfect for a scarf!

Now, even though the material is the same, our scarves are unlike anything out on the market, as the current standard for Cashmere products is 60-120 yarns.

We create 200-yarn featherlight scarves that is extremely beautiful and luxurious. (Yes, 200 meters’ length of fiber that weighs only 1 GRAM), and that’s why they're so special and soft: The finer the yarn, the softer the final product.

Warm, Cozy, And Yet Breathable

Ovcio has the “hot chocolate-on-a-cold-morning” kind of warmth, not “sweaty-after-gym” heat.

You’ll be comfy and warm - both indoors and outdoors, without feeling sweaty or bulky.

The Ovcio is a scarf that’s warm for your body and easy on your neck.

Ovcio Cashmere Scarf
Ovcio Cashmere Scarf

It’s All About The Details

We support and employ local farmers and mothers to check yarn by yarn, hand twist the fringe finish and craft one by one, and create your cherished scarves with love.

A truly extraordinary product made from extraordinary material by people who care.

Ethical Conditions For The Animals Behind Our Materials

Responsible and cruelty-free.

From hand combing to providing veterinary care, we promote ethical conditions for the animals behind our raw materials.

Ovcio Cashmere Scarf

Go Ahead, Make Yourself Comfortable


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