January 25, 2019 3 min read

What’s not to love about having a good travel cashmere wrap during travel? A versatile piece of accessory that makes you look stylish for all occasions, and still being functional for what you need. Read on to find out more, why we think that a travel cashmere wrap is considered a necessity and how to choose one.

Basically, the cashmere wrap we’re talking about is about having a handy and travel-friendly wrap specially used during travel. As the amount to bring when you’re on the go is limited (the luggage limit for a flight can be annoying sometimes) so a clothing piece that can be multipurpose is certainly a lifesaver.

Using it as an additional accessory for nearly every occasion as in a scarf or a shawl, or wear it as a blanket for warmth, or fold it to make a makeshift pillow, a good travel cashmere wrap should be practical, while being fashionable.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Travel Cashmere Wrap

Travel cashmere wraps are available in quite a number of styles and colors and it can be tricky to choose one suitable for your overall style and needs.

For a start, consider their function should be as versatile as possible - this will influence the type of travel wraps suitable for your needs. For example, you might want to pin it at the shoulders to wear like a poncho, perhaps you’re planning to wear it as a sarong when hitting the beach, or you want a wrap that comes with sleeves for you to move around easily without the wrap easily slip off all the time.

The size of the cashmere wrapalso plays a key role, as obviously, we don’t want it to be too small or too big for our body. If you plan to use as a blanket, you might want to consider something slightly bigger and/or longer than your torso. Or if you want to use it solely for wraps and as a scarf, smaller ones are preferable as it avoids you looking bulky.

The type and thickness of the materialused for the fabric also need to be considered, especially if you have sensitive skin (and trust me, it matters a lot). Opt for cashmere wraps made from 100% cashmere if you do have sensitive skin, while for others, any material will do (including synthetic fabric) as long as you’re comfortable and suit for your needs during travel.

If you still aiming for versatility and minimalism and planning to jump to cold countries from warmer climate (or vice versa), look for travel wraps made with mix materialthat can be used just nice in both climate that gives you ample warmth and cooling effect according to the environment.

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Cashmere Travel Wraps, a Versatile And Perfect Accessory For Travel

And of course, if you’re looking for a perfect and versatile travel rap, look no further than a cashmere scarf. There’s a reason why it’s sought after; the fabric is dreamy to talk about. The cashmere is lightweight and suitable for all season and still provides you warm in colder months, without being too bulky for your whole look. Plus, a good cashmere scarf is soft to wear and certainly a comfortable and stylish piece of clothing to wear all day.