April 28, 2019 2 min read

cashmere scarf

When we think “cashmere”, too often we relegate it to cold-weather styles. You might not think to wear cashmere scarf in warmer seasons - after all, it’s wool!- but there’s a reason that your favorite cashmere scarf doesn’t just have to live in your closet from October-March.


Why? Well, because cashmere fibers from cashmere goats adapted to harsh climates by developing a twofold system. They have an outer layer that protects the underlayer from water, rain and harsh weather. And the fine fleece (what we called cashmere) which is made of hollow fibers, is insulated so that it keeps the animals warm in the winter, but also keeps them from overheating when it gets warm.

A perfect transition from winter to spring

Spring months can be tricky when it comes to temperature, often consisting of chilly mornings and sunny afternoons. Cashmere scarf’s specific ability to keep you warm in winter and cool you down in summer helps you easily get through these temperature transition days by providing you with warmth when you need it - and coolness when you don’t.

Not sure what kind of cashmere scarf you should check out? Try the Ovcio featherlight cashmere scarf that is designed for all seasons’ wear. These lightweight cashmere scarves from Ovcio are surely a whisper of softness to keep you warm when you need it and add a pop of style to your outfit when you don’t.

cashmere scarf

Keep your colors vibrant

Spring is nothing but the season of bright colors, and due to the nature of cashmere fabric, it holds vibrant colors well. Don’t be afraid of picking up a cashmere piece in pink or blue - you’ll have an accent piece you can wear all year long!

Remember - featherlight cashmere scarf isn’t just for keeping you warm. It can help keep you cool, too, making it the perfect fabric for all seasons. Consider investing in a cashmere piece today...you won’t regret it!