August 25, 2018 3 min read

We know that cashmere scarf is quite expensive. And yet, we can’t resist the luxury and comfort the cashmere brings as it touches our skin. For that, we compiled a simple and informative guide in finding the right cashmere scarf and making your money well spent.

cashmere scarf

How Cashmere Scarves Are Made

Cashmere fabric comes from the mountain goats that live in high altitudes of Himalayas. In harsh, cold winters, the goats evolve themselves by producing superfine hair under the fur to keep them warm during the extreme temperatures. As the season transits itself into spring and summer, the goats shed these fine hair, hence, we collect this precious fiber and it is what we called ‘cashmere’.

Generally, the hair is collected between April and May, and each collection of goats hair is hand combed and the length is separated by hand, into different grades.

Why Should You Buy a Cashmere Scarf Anyway?

A cashmere scarf is nothing short in luxury - and what makes people flocking to it is that the fabric is durable and extremely soft, keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, and made to last, making it a worthwhile investment. Plus, if you take good care of the cashmere scarf it will get softer as it ages.

cashmere scarf

Key Points To Look For When Buying a Cashmere Scarf

When shopping for a cashmere scarf, feel the fabric to see the difference with other types of fabric; an easy way to find out is to rub the palm of your hand to see if the fabric pills right away, even if it’s a little bit. The fabric should flow nicely, feels smooth, and gives a beautiful draping effect when wrapped and shows a beautiful, subtle sheen when looking at it.

You can also Stretch the Scarf and see if it Returns Back into Shape

A good cashmere item also should be in double-ply, as it means that it’d be more resistant to wear and tear (and also a good sign that the cashmere scarf will last long) as well as it’s perfect to wear for winter months.

And of course, a direct way to be sure that you are buying an authentic cashmere scarf is to simply look at the label that says 100% cashmere.

These points can certainly come in handy when recognizing the difference between fabrics that has blended cashmere or with 100% cashmere fiber.

Is there any Difference Between Pure Cashmere Scarf and Blended Ones?

Definitely! The biggest point would be the price, as cashmere scarves are relatively pricier compared with other fabrics and the ones with blended cashmere in it.

Hence, blended cashmere scarves would be cheaper. And depending on the types of fabrics used to make blended cashmere scarves, the outcome will create a different look and feel, different than a pure cashmere scarf would.

For example, silk and cashmere blends will not be as soft as pure cashmere, while cotton mixed with cashmere fabric will create a rather stiff fabric, not as soft and flowy as the pure one.

Following the guides and steps listed here will definitely save you a lot of trouble in finding the right cashmere scarf for you. After all, you want it to be worth your money, and wearing it stylishly for a long time.