June 06, 2019 8 min read

While it’s very important for you to stay cozy during a trip, no one wants to haul around wearing heavy winter coats and scarfs. Such an uncomfortable piece of clothing might just take all the fun away. However, a good cashmere wrap has everything to love especially during travel.

The cashmere wrap, being a very versatile piece of accessory, you can never go wrong with it; despite the occasions. Besides giving you that high-end stylish look, it still maintains a very high level of functionality. That being the case, we will discuss the reasons why you need a cashmere wrap during travel.

In addition, we will look at a few ways you can style your cashmere wrap. While traveling, we try as much as we can to keep the luggage to a minimum. Therefore, having a multipurpose piece such a travel wrap could be a lifesaver.

How to Choose the Right Cashmere Travel Wrap?

When choosing the ideal cashmere wrap for travel, there are a couple of things that you need to pay attention to. Besides the usual cost and color, here are a few other factors that play a key role.

1. The thickness of the cashmere wrap

Before getting your cashmere wrap, it’s always important that you know the specific occasions you’ll be needing it. This will help you decide on which thickness best suits your needs. For instance; if you will be using your cashmere wrap on a daily basis, you probably should consider a cashmere wrap with normal thickness.

Let’s say in another instance you are looking for a cashmere scarf that you can use on a summer evening, a light cashmere scarf will do. And of course, for winter evenings, you will need a thick and large cashmere wrap that will cover not only your neck but also your back and shoulders. This is also the ideal cashmere travel wrap.

2. Material

There are so many materials that could be used in the making of a travel wrap. Talk of silk, linen, cashmere, wool, cotton among others. Each of these materials come with unique benefits in terms of texture, breathability, comfort, feel among other factors. That is why you need to choose the best materials that will not make your trip a nightmare.

Without a doubt, the cashmere scarf is the best wrap that you can get for travel. Besides keeping you warm throughout your trip, it has breathable fabrics that will ensure you get ultimate comfort. In addition, you can use this cashmere wrap as a warm scarf during winter if you are the kind that is cold most of the time.

3. Versatility

Despite the many options out there, you can never go wrong with a cashmere wrap and that’s for a good reason. Before choosing your cashmere wrap, you first need to consider how you are planning to use the cashmere wrap. Since in our case we will be using it for travel, it’s very necessary that we keep our luggage to a minimum.

Therefore, it’s important that you go for a versatile piece. This will not only keep the luggage as light as possible but also serve a wide range of purposes. Some of these uses include;

  • It is suitable for cuddling up during cold days
  • Can be used as an evening wrap as you take your strolls around the city
  • It can be used to accessories your outfit
  • It can be used as an instant cover-up
  • During very busy travel days you can use it as a head wrap
  • It gives you high-end fashion with a little bulk

4. Size of the scarf

When choosing your travel cashmere wrap, it is important that you consider your height as well as the length of the scarf. Most of the cashmere scarfs tend to be too short and compact, hence giving you such a hard time to use it to cover your back and shoulder.

The most ideal cashmere scarf dimensions for a travel wrap would be 200cmx70cm. This means that the cashmere wrap will be big enough to keep you warm during your journey. Later, you could even use it as a blanket. A scarf that is bigger than this would end up being too bulky and uncomfortable around your neck.

 How to Style your Cashmere Wrap for Travel?

A cashmere wrap is a very essential part of your accessories. That being said, how you style your cashmere wrap could either make or break your outfit. You might have the best cashmere wrap with you but if you don’t know how to wear it, your entire look will end up looking like a mess.

However, there is no need to worry as in this section we got you covered on that. Ovcio will discuss 10 of the best ways of wearing your cashmere wrap for different outfits and occasions. Shall we get started?

1. The Classic Look

cashmere wrap

To achieve this look, what you need to do is to adjust your cashmere wrap until one end of the scarf is two times longer than the other side when you place it around the neck. Once you have it set, pick the longer side of the cashmere wrap, then loop it around your neck once. Afterward, make sure that you adjust the scarf so that both of the hanging ends of the scarf are at an equal length underneath the torso.

2. The Loop

cashmere wrap

This is a simple look that you will go well with most of your casuals and official outfits. To achieve this look with your cashmere wrap, you need to double up the cashmere wrap and hold both sides of the scarf in your hand.

Thereafter place the doubled up cashmere scarf then wrap it around the neck with the loop end a few inches below the collarbone. When that is done, take the other two ends of the cashmere wrap and pull them through the loop’s opening. You can also adjust the cashmere wrap however you feel fit to get ultimate comfort.

3. The Gigi

cashmere wrap

To achieve the Gigi-look with your cashmere wrap, you need to drape your cashmere travel wrap all around the neck. Make sure you don’t twist the scarf. When that is done, adjust the scarf until both sides of the cashmere wrap hang equally on each side. This is a simple look that could change the entire vibe in your outfit.

4. The Snood

cashmere wrap

Just as the name suggests, with this cashmere wrap style, you will achieve a snood. You need to first set the cashmere travel wrap in such a way that one of the ends of the scarf is a few inches below the collarbone.

When that is done, you need to wrap both loose ends of the cashmere scarf around the neck two times. Then, tuck in both ends of the scarf into what looks like doubled up loops. Finally, you will need to manage your cashmere wrap until you achieve your desired height with the scarf.

5. The Fling

cashmere wrap

A very classic look that you can easily pull off with a cashmere wrap. To achieve this style, you need to place one end of your cashmere wrap over the left shoulder. Then, take up those loose ends of your scarf then twist them on the outer core of the right side of your shoulder.

When that is done, you need to fling that extra sleeve your cashmere wrap then wrap it over the left shoulder. This should create what looks like the cape effect. A very good way to accessorize your outfit especially if you are wearing some skinny jeans and boots.

6. The Waterfall

cashmere wrap

Is fancy and little sophistication your kind of style? If yes, then this is the best-suited way to style your cashmere wrap. To achieve the waterfall-look with your scarf, you need to make a loop using your cashmere travel wrap around the neck.

This should leave at least one end of the scarf at a level in your mid-chest. When you have that done, you need to take the end that is longer and looser then pass it through the loop you had originally made around your neck.

Finally, you need to pull the ends through the loop. This should leave draped pieces of the cashmere travel wrap hanging across the chest region in folds. This might sound a little complicated than the other mentioned styles, but trust me you will love the end result.

7. The Shawl

cashmere wrap

This is a simple look that you will easily achieve by draping your cashmere wrap over your shoulders then holding it with your arms. If you have a really cute evening outfit either for dinner or just the casual strolls, you could move the cashmere wrap even lower to the mid-section of your back. This will be a great way of exposing your shoulders while at the same time showing off the outfit underneath.

8. The Infinity

cashmere wrap

If you are traveling during the colder months, the infinity-look might end up being your favorite way to style your cashmere travel wrap. To achieve this look, you need to wrap your cashmere scarf a couple of times around your neck then tuck in the ends. This will keep you really warm when the weather is chilly.

9. The Aviator

cashmere wrap

The aviator cashmere wrap look is something that you can easily achieve by loosely folding the travel wrap twice on the length side. When you have that ready, you can then toss one end of the cashmere scarf over your shoulders. This will give you a statement extra-long scarf that will complement just about any look.

9. The Pretzel

cashmere wrap

The final look that we will discuss is the pretzel look that you can achieve with your travel cashmere scarf. What you need to do with the cashmere wrap is to loosely bunch the cashmere wrap then folding it in halves width-wise.

When you have that ready, you can wrap the cashmere scarf around your neck then pull it through the loop. Move ahead and put your hand through the loop you have made then twist around the loop as this will help you to create another additional loop. Finally, thread the other end of the cashmere wrap through the second loop that you have made.

Reasons Why You Need a Cashmere Wrap in a Trip

A Cashmere travel wrap is something that you should never leave behind no matter the length of your trip. Being such a versatile piece of accessory, this is a part of fashion that you can wear in a wide range of ways and at the same time still, leave a huge room for other essentials that you may need during your trip.

A cashmere wrap could be a great game-changer for travel. If you are not already wearing it when you get to the airport, make sure that it is close enough in your torte where you can easily access it. Once you are on board, you can use your cashmere wrap as a blanket and snuggle upon it.

In case you already have a warm coat, the cashmere wrap could still play the role of a pillow hence giving you the comfort you need during your flight. But of course, you don’t necessarily need to be on a flight to get cozy. You can still use your cashmere scarf even when traveling on a train or ship and even chilly car rides.

Once you get to your destination, you can now put the cashmere wrap to work by accessorizing it with different outfits. You could use it as a throw blanket when taking short naps at your hotel room. Maybe wear it as a shawl over a small black dress. Also, use it as a scarf when out in the night at sightseeing spots.

The one thing that you will love about the cashmere travel wrap is that it comes in highly breathable materials that will ensure you stay warm and fresh all the time. The best part is that the wraps come in a wide range of colors that you can choose from. While the cashmere wrap is a little pricey, the benefits you get from the cashmere scarf outweigh the price.

In Summary…

Without a doubt, a travel cashmere wrap is an unquestionable investment. Once you get to use it once, this is something that you will never leave behind during your trips. This might be just the best purchase you have ever made as an essential for your trips. I would say, it is totally worth your time and money.