May 25, 2019 3 min read

Winter season is all about layers and a chance for men to style it up. Among the sea of sleek suits and dignified coats, a single accessory can jazz up your outfit – the cashmere scarf. Functional and stylish, the Ovcio 100% cashmere scarves are more than just neck warmers; here we will give you the guide on selecting the right cashmere scarf for different occasions.

Whether you’re heading to the office or cleaning up for a blind date, adding the cashmere scarf as the accessory will always make you look better. Below are our suggestions on the perfect cashmere scarf for different moments, starting with a casual quietly elegant cashmere scarf for men. Keep warm and step up your game.

mens cashmere scarf

Weekend Casual

Laid-back weekend doesn’t mean lazy; you’re just as likely to binge watch a drama series as you are to step out for lunch plans. Relax your style and go for a casual look, and don’t give up on looking your best just yet.

Pair together your favorite jeans and leather jacket for comfort, and complement with a mens navy blue cashmere scarf. For extra softness, opt for a navy blue cashmere scarf that is elegant, compact & lightweight. Depending on your personal preference, pick between a grey or navy medium length scarf or go chunky for a fun, dynamic vibe.

  • Size: 71*12 inches
  • Color: Grey, Navy blue or camel

Work Chic

Office wear doesn’t have to be boring. Adding flair to your wardrobe by layering a cashmere scarf over your suit and tie. To maintain a professional looking, take the minimalist route with smoother textures and neutral coloring. For colder days, cashmere scarves offer maximum warmth in style.

The key is determining the right combination of overcoat and the cashmere scarf. Confusing about the color combination? Test the look of different colored cashmere scarf with your suits until you find the best match. Does the outfit look neat? For a tuck-in scarf, choose a tissue-weight 100% cashmere scarf in light grey tones. For longer overcoats, arrange a medium length scarf for a wrap-around instead.

  • Color: Light Grey
  • Material: Cashmere (for warmth) or Featherlight Cashmere (for tuck-in and warmth)
  • Knot: The Classic One

Classy Formal

Throw out functionality and embrace the style. Formal suits are generally paired with a long, dark coat for maximized formality. Keep the clean-cut visual by choosing a cashmere scarf that ends around your chest.

The cashmere scarf is your perfect go-to for formal occasion accessory – splurge on a men’s cashmere scarf for a quiet air of elegance and minimalist luxury.

  • Length: Short to Medium
  • Color: Black (or add a dash of color with camel)
  • Knot: The Formal One

men's cashmere scarf

Flashy Night Out

Exchange comfort for something a little sexier. Think sleek; black or grey cashmere piece together a smoky look perfect for the club. For a more upscale bar, however, feature the cashmere scarf in a sleek urban ensemble.

Hoping to impress? Dare to accessorize with a burgundy and white black check cashmere scarf instead – it is bound to draw the right attention.

  • Size: 71*12 inches Compact
  • Color: Wine red (or a daring burgundy) or Check
  • Knot: The Easy One

Sporty and Practical

Don’t let the cold keep you from exercising! With the right 100% cashmere scarf for warmth, your football game is still on.

Trailing articles of clothing and close-contact sports aren’t a good mix. The featherlight cashmere scarf minimizes trouble as they are worn wrapping around your neck; simply wrap the super lightweight cashmere scarf around your neck casually and voila – your neck will be warm but won’t be toasty.

To avoid drowning in your own sweat, buy a scarf made of natural fiber or a poly blend. Cotton and acrylic are best, the lighter nature of the former allowing air to pass through and maintain optimal freshness.

  • Color: Match with your skin tone or sports gear
  • Style: Featherlight Cashmere Scarf