June 25, 2019 2 min read

The cashmere scarf is a type of luxurious material made from the cashmere undercoat hairs which are precious and rare. If you are having a cashmere scarf, you need to wash it with special care to avoid the unwanted issue. With proper maintenance and care, the color, texture, and quality of the cashmere scarf will last for more than a decade. It is not a complicated process to hand wash the cashmere scarfbut there is some basic knowledge you need to know in order to carry out the cleaning process properly.

Things to prepare before the hand wash are gentle detergent/ baby shampoo, white towels, plastic wash basins, and a drying rack or a chair with a flat surface.

cashmere scarf hand wash

Follow the below steps to hand wash your cashmere scarf

1. Prepare your wash basin properly

Fill your wash basin with lukewarm water and then add some small amount of detergent to it and swirl it evenly in the water for a few minutes. Make sure that you use a gentle alkaline detergent or baby shampoo so it won’t cause any harm to the cashmere scarf.

2. Start with light colors while washing more cashmere items

If you have more than one cashmere scarf to be washed. Then, separate them into two piles and start with the scarves with light colors. It is advisable for you to add one item to a washbasin at a time and twirl the water for several minutes to soak the fabrics completely. On the other hand, it is a wise one not to soak the fabrics for a long time that can result in fading and bleeding.

3. Remove detergent by rinsing

Refill your washbasin with cold or warm clean water after draining the water out of it. If you are using more than one washbasin then, you can transfer the cashmere scarf into the second one filled with clean water. Rinse the cashmere scarf as many times for removing the soap suds. Never use hot water in the washing process.

4. Remove excess water

Remove excess water from the cashmere scarf by gentling pressing them on the side of the washbasin that can help to obtain optimal results.

5. Use a white towel for drying purposes

To further remove the water, cover the whole cashmere scarf with a white towel on a flat surface. Lay the cashmere scarf on the top of the towel and gently soothe out all the wrinkles. You should roll both the towel and garment together starting from the top and press down the same for absorbing water effectively. If the cashmere scarf is still very wet, you can repeat the step with a dry towel.

Of course, if you are not the kind of hand wash person. You could turn to the professional dry cleaning service. Or, you can even machine wash your cashmere scarves if the machine washing cycle and temperature are set properly.