April 21, 2019 3 min read

Cashmere Scarf

You can always rely on a luxurious cashmere scarf to keep you warm and cozy. It’s one of the softest knits out there, and also one of the most delicate. The cashmere scarf takes a little bit of extra attention when it comes to care and storage, so we’ve compiled a complete guide on cashmere storage to keep your beloved cashmere scarf looking new from season to season.

hand wash cashmere scarf

Things to do before cashmere scarf storage

Before you even think of putting your Ovcio cashmere scarf away, the first step is to make sure it’s completely clean and dry. Dirty cashmere contains oils that attract moths, and we all know what that means: holes and a subsequently ruined cashmere scarf. You have two options for cleaning your cashmere:
  1. Take it to a professional.This is obviously the easier choice, but do some research before dropping off your cashmere scarf. Try to find a dry cleaner that has experience with cashmere, and if possible that use natural detergents. Heavy chemicals will ruin the fabric over time.
  2. Wash it yourself. Be very gentle during this whole process. Use a gentle detergent like baby shampoo, and don’t scrub too hard. Lay the cashmere scarf out on a clean bath towel to dry and make sure it’s completely dry before you move on to storage. Click here for more guides on how to machine washing and hand washing cashmere items.

cashmere depilling

After cleaning your cashmere scarf, remember to remove buzz balls on the cashmere. Any natural fiber will have pilling when friction occurs so as the best quality cashmere scarf. Make sure to de-pilling before putting away the cashmere scarf. Wondering how to prevent and remove cashmere pilling? You can either purchase de-bobbling comb, or you can carefully use a simple pill-removing razor. 
Now that your cashmere scarf is clean and nice, you can safely pack it away. Store it wisely!

Fold cloth

How To Store Your Cashmere Scarf

  • Keep it somewhere dry and cool.This will deter moths, prevent heat damage, and preserve color.
  • Fold, don’t hang to maintain shape.Hanging a cashmere scarf might stretch it out and/or create wrinkles.
  • Use the breathable storage bag.This prevents your cashmere scarf from rubbing up against your other clothes and accessories and also protects it from any possible damage. You can use the cashmere storage bag from Ovcio which is more breathable and will allow fresh air to flow through.
  • Use eucalyptus and lavender oils.Add a few drops to your closet/drawer to fend off moths and make your scarves smell amazing.

cashmere scarf

Dealing with moths is not that complicated

Unfortunately, sometimes moth damage occurs without any clue. If you discover a moth hole in your cashmere scarf, here are things you can do to remove the moths and avoid further damage.
  1. Seal the cashmere scarf in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. This will kill any eggs/larvae and prevent further damage. The eggs are so tiny that you won’t be able to see them just by looking at the scarf. Leave the scarf in the freezer for a day or overnight.
  2. Thoroughly clean out your closet.Give all surfaces a good dusting and wipe, and make sure that everything is completely dry before you put anything back.

Taking these precautions require a bit more time and effort but are well worth it in the long run when your cashmere scarf stays beautiful for years and years. After all, it’s an investment piece so it deserves extra love and care!