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Cashmere fiber is a type of wool or hair gotten from cashmere goats or pashmina goats. The word cashmere is initially spelled as"Kashmir." Around the globe, a cashmere scarf is one of the most sought-after pieces of winter accessory due to its light texture and its insulating tendencies as compared to sheep wool. 

Scarves made of cashmere are considered to be one of the most luxurious types. They are well known for their high quality and durability. Gloves, sweaters, jumpers, cardigans, hats, and a lot of other cashmere fabrics are all getting popular in the fashion industry.

Though the 100% cashmere scarf doesn’t come cheap, if you maintain it properly, it will last for years without losing its shape, texture, and warmth.

From pilling removal, washing, drying, and even storing your cashmere scarf, this article will take you through all the processes involved.

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Washing A Cashmere Scarf

100% cashmere scarf is one of the most delicate materials to take care of. On your cashmere scarf, there is a tag instructing you to only DRY CLEAN. In most cases, dry cleaning of a cashmere scarf is quite effective. However, dry cleaning is available for those who are living out of town. For an easier and convenient option, you should consider these few alternative guidelines on how to go about washing drying and storing your cashmere scarf.

As always, you could considermachine washing your cashmere scarf. But be aware of the washing setting and drying cycle. You can read this article to avoid any damage to your luxurious scarf before proceeding machine washing your cashmere scarf. If you choose hand washing instead, here are some practical steps you would follow through.

  1. Baby shampoo or scentless soap for dishes is needed for washing. Even more, you can also use a small quantity of detergent designed for delicate clothes.
  2. Washing your cashmere is easy; you just have to pour the scentless soap or baby shampoo into lukewarm water in a sink.
  3. Next, make some foam with your hands by swishing the cashmere scarf. It is crucial to squeeze the scarf through the water gently.
  4. After that, slowly squeeze the solution out of the cashmere scarf and replace the dirty water with fresh, plain cold water and wash the cashmere scarf a few more times to make sure it is clean enough. The main objective is to remove the traces of soap or detergent completely.

Remember that everything should be performed in cold/lukewarm water. Don’t overstretch the cashmere scarf to maintain the shape.

Drying A Cashmere Scarf

This is one of the most important steps in the washing process.

After washing your Cashmere scarf, do not overstretch it to remove excess water. Gently place your cashmere scarf on a piece of the white towel. Carefully push the cashmere scarf over this towel so the water can be absorbed. When the white towel fully absorbs the water, you could squeeze the white towel itself and repeat the water removal process again until it is not very wet.

Under room temperature, carefully spread your cashmere scarf over the towel in a flat surface and leave to dry. 

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Removing Stains From A Cashmere Scarf

Although there are different types of stains that can appear on cashmere scarf, there are few general tips to get a stain out of cashmere fiber. Below are some of the practical ways to get stains off your cashmere scarf.

First of all, it is very important to remove them as soon as you notice these stains. If you see any stain on your cashmere scarf or cashmere sweater, you shouldn’t leave it there till the next day. A mild stain remover with cold water can be used to remove the stain.

Allow the stain remover to dissolve into the fabric and leave it for while without rubbing the remover. After that, you should use cold water and mild detergent to remove the stain.

Lastly, you can apply this exact drying process mentioned earlier to make sure the stains are completely removed. 

How To Store Your Cashmere Scarf

Storing your cashmere scarf in the right way will preserve the texture and quality of your cashmere scarf for a long time. Most of us will put up their cashmere scarves in storage during the summer time of the year. Basically, it is advisable to store cashmere scarf once you must have washed and dried them. Make sure that they are completely dry and clean.

Additionally, make sure that the drawers for storage are clean. This is due to the fact that moth residue as well as dust, and dirt can damage cashmere scarf. These drawer storage infestations are one of the biggest threats when it comes to cashmere products. These destructive infestations are capable of causing unrepairable damage to your cashmere scarf.

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Extra Tips For Caring For Your Cashmere Scarf

Dry cleaning should be the only thing you do when your cashmere hasn't been washed for long, as well as in situations where you have stains on it that don’t want to come off.

If you feel like ironing your cashmere, you shouldn't iron them directly. Instead, place different clothing on them before ironing.

If you are looking for how to properly store your cashmere scarf, using a cardboard box that’s colorless is the best option. Placing a cedar disk in this box to keep moths away, hence increasing the protection. In addition, you could use breathable fabric bags to store your cashmere scarf.

Of course, you need to keep the cashmere scarf away from direct sun exposure as they can lead to discoloration of the cashmere material.

If you consider the frequency, a lot of professionals would recommend that you wash your cashmere maybe once or twice in a season. This is because it’s a smart way to avoid using hangers that might make your product lose shape.

The softness and warmness provided by the cashmere scarf make it more superior to the usual sheep wool. It, however, requires some special care to keep it in a good wearable condition.

One of the numerous benefits of the cashmere scarf is its adaptability to temperature. In the winter, you are kept warm in your cashmere scarf. While in the summer period, you are sure to feel cool. So to take some effort to maintain and you could always enjoy the companion of a good cashmere scarf.