May 25, 2018 2 min read

Cashmere is a high-quality fiber made from the hairs of goats in the high-altitude areas where weather goes extreme in winter. It is one of the rarest natural fibers available in the world allowing you to gain more advantages. The cashmere scarf made from the hairs of Cashmere goats can fit any climatic seasons enabling you to enjoy its softness and coziness. Another thing is that it comes in a variety of shades and colors letting you get a sophisticated look. There are several things to consider while buying a new cashmere scarf from the market. If you are buying a cashmere scarf for the first time then, you should consider the below tips to get a top-notch warm scarf.

cashmere scarf

1. Evaluate the weight of the cashmere scarf

A Cashmere scarf comes with two piles which means they have double knitting strands of yarn that can last for a long time. Remember that the heavy sizes will provide more warmness to your body during the winter season.

2. Check the quality of the cashmere fiber

A premium Cashmere scarf is primarily made from long hairs of goats with the combing applications. At the same time, cashmere scarves that come with shearing yields and shorter fibers that are quickly prone to pilling. It is important for you to rub the surface of the cashmere scarf with the palm of your hand for evaluating the quality of materials properly. It is true that even the best cashmere scarf will pill but it will still look as brand-new for the first few wears. And don’t worry about the cashmere pilling, once you get it removed, it will never come back.

3. Always look for a tight-knit

You should always look for a tight-knit when buying a new cashmere scarf from the markets. When the construction is very loose, the garment will lose its shape in quick turnaround time.

4. Choose the right color

The Cashmere scarf comes in attractive colors and you can choose the right one based on your choices.

5. Know the label

It is necessary to read the information available in the label that can help to get more ideas about the product in detail. If a product doesn’t contain the details then, you should avoid buying such cashmere scarves.

6. Look for a cashmere scarf that comes with double-ply

A Cashmere scarf comes with a double-ply structure that can make a warmed structure. Apart from that, it gives ways to avoid damages and other problems to a large extent.

7. Check the thickness of the cashmere scarf

As a customer, you should know the occasions that you are going to use the cashmere scarf and choose based on the thickness. If you are wearing it for daily use, the normal thickness in regular length will meet your need. And if you are looking for a gentle touch in summer evenings, then you should go with the featherlight cashmere scarf. Also, remember to choose the size properly. A cashmere wrap enables you to cover your shoulder, neck and back in winter trips while the cashmere scarf is more for keeping your neck warm.