September 25, 2018 2 min read

What’s not to love about cashmere scarf? One of the most sought after fabric, cashmere is desired by both men and women for its luxurious aesthetic and being super practical by keeping you warm in winter (I meant, that’s what scarves are supposed to do, right?). So, right here we’re breaking down top reasons why you should be in love with a good cashmere scarf.

cashmere scarf

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is a special type of fabric made from the undercoat hair of mountain goats, they live in high altitude mountains in Asia (prominent locations include Tibet, Mongolia, and Kashmir). The reason why the cashmere is pricey as the whole process from collecting the fiber, separating it into different grades and processing it into yarn is so laborious instead of the regular cotton fabric, where it’s such an economical option.

It is almost impossible to beat the quality of 100% cashmere wrap, and that’s why it’s still topped the list as the most favored fabric for a scarf, for years.

What are the Advantages of a Cashmere Scarf

When buying a good cashmere wrap, we are talking about making an investment, as the fabric is made to last longand even the cashmere scarf is primarily worn during winter, it’s still suitable for all-year round. You can wear it on top for layers if it’s cold, or as a basic wrap in warmer temperatures, and it will never add bulkto the whole look.

Cashmere scarf also keeps you warm better and effectively than a scarf made of other types of fabric. After all, the fiber that made into cashmere is what keeps the goats warm in freezing winter that the same benefit also passed on to you.

Keeping you warm doesn’t mean the fabric is thick and stiff; cashmere does do the job in insulating heat and yet it’s wonderfully breathablethat it gives you a cool feeling when worn during warmer temperatures. And the breathable effect also means the fabric is smooth for the skinthat it won’t feel scratchy or worse, aggravate itchiness and rashes, especially for sensitive skin.

cashmere scarf

The best thing about cashmere wrap is the fabric is so easy to care and requires relatively low maintenance to make it last longer. You can wash it gently with warm water and a small amount of detergent and lay it flat to air dry. A good quality cashmere wrap will become softer with every wash. But if you are looking for the alternative machine wash your cashmere scarf, click here for more details.

And finally, as we’re associating 100% cashmere scarf with investment. The fabric stays on the trend for years and it will continue to do so; cashmere scarf is a staple in essential fashion, it's classic and timeless and very unlikely to go out of style. Trust me, a basic understated (and a good quality) cashmere scarf will make you stay stylish for years to come.