December 25, 2018 2 min read

100% cashmere scarves are very soft and velvety and usually, they don’t come with low pricing. The fact is, the pure cashmere scarves evoke poetry in the mind and being superior luxurious; they are everybody’s favorite. In the old times when the textile industry just gets started, the 100% cashmere scarves were only normally worn by nobles and those belonging to the upper strata of society. For some people, 100 percent cashmere scarves are like wine that ages very well. They also intoxicate the spirits with their super soft and dreamy qualities. There are reasons that 100% cashmere scarfcosts more than a scarf with other materials.

cashmere scarf

The best fiber

The simplest reason why 100% cashmere scarves are so expensive is that there is no better fabric than cashmere. It is a yarn that is very luxurious and super soft. The high demand for 100% cashmere scarves drives up its price.

Short supply

The high cost of these scarves can be explained by the fact that the yarn is derived from mountain goats that are scarce. Thus, not only it is hard to find the yarn from which cashmere scarves are made but the cashmere goat does not produce its yarn in big quantities. A single goat might only give between 6 and 8 ounces of the yarn every year. After the fiber has been processed, you only get about four ounces of the yarn from a single goat.

Labor-intensive processes

The third reason for the high price of 100% cashmere scarves is it takes a lot of labor to produce the cashmere fiber. This fiber must be sorted and cleaned by hand. In addition, the fiber has to be hand woven before it can be woven. The weaving process requires a lot of effort. All these factors contribute to the high price of 100% cashmere scarf.

Very high-quality item

The fourth reason for the high price of 100% cashmere scarves is the quality of the product. The cashmere fiber is not more than 18.5 microns in diameter. Compared to the diameter of the human hair (80 microns approximately), this fiber is super thin. In fact, it is only 1/5 the size of human hair. Since the fiber is not straight, it won’t cause any itchiness on your skin. Best of all, cashmere is about 8 times as warm as regular sheep wool and at the same time, it also happens to be much lighter.

Timeless appeal

Finally, the 100% cashmere scarf is so expensive because of its timeless appeal. When you buy a pure cashmere scarf, you are investing in it for the rest of your life. Just like wine, the 100% cashmere scarves get softer after every wash and will improve with time.

So, it is worthwhile to invest in 100% cashmere scarves. These scarves are passed from one generation to the next and hence provide good value for your investment.