100% Cashmere + RippleLite™

After hand brushing our goats, we take the raw fibers and delicately spin them together, creating a strong yarn. With our exclusive weaving technology - RippleLite™, an extremely soft, sustainable, Ovcio cashmere scarf was crafted.

Heavenly Soft

RippleLite's weaving allows the scarf as soft as the baby skin.


100% cashmere from the Alpas goat makes the scarf ultra breathable.


Get rid of the heavy scarves now. Feel this featherlight baby.

Wrinkle Free

Natural materials such as cashmere resist wrinkles if care properly.


Natural cashmere makes the scarf looks luxury, signature and high quality.

Odor Free

Fabric woven by RippleLite™ won't absorb any unwanted smells.



For crafting a comfortable cashmere scarf, we partner with Batu Jegu farm, a fourth generation family business, who are proud to be supplying the world with the world’s best Mongolian cashmere.


Your Smile

We love Ovcio scarf. And we believe you would love it, too. Sharing your smile with us, when you wear your Ovcio scarf, will be the best return to us.

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Ovcio Cashmere Scarf