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Ultimate Warmth + Style

Once you’ve created the world’s most comfortable scarf, where do you go? Right back into nature. We are delivering a wrap you’ve come to love in a warm, soft material: Mongolian grade A cashmere.

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Say BYE to Freezing Winter





100% Cashmere Wrap

8 Times Warmer

Say BYE to the chilly winter. Our grade A cashmere is up to 8 times more insulating than regular sheep’s wool. So you can enjoy the breathable warmth this freezing winter.

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Naturally Soft

Get yourself lost in the mind-blowing softness. It feels as soft as a baby kitten in your embrace. Ovcio cashmere fibers are of an extremely fine diameter (less than 19 microns, comparatively a human hair is 60 - 120 microns) which is why it feels so soft.

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Ovcio Cashmere WrapOvcio Cashmere Wrap
Ovcio Cashmere Wrap

Less Weight, More Warmth

Enjoy a warm winter without carrying extra weight. Ovcio cashmere is a lightweight fabric in comparison to the warmth it offers. It is never bulky, which makes it easy to travel with – it won’t take up too much space in your suitcase.

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No Scratchiness

 Get rid of the scratchy feeling against the skin. Ovcio cashmere is soft and feels great against the skin as the fibers are superfine and are spun tightly to produce a smooth, soft texture.

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Ovcio Cashmere WrapOvcio Cashmere Wrap
Ovcio Cashmere Wrap


100% all natural & sustainable materials, from the raw cashmere fiber to the dye color – Ovcio wrap is always your go-to choice for minimal allergy.

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Versatile Styles

Stay confident from home to the party, no matter in the autumn or the freezing winter. Put yourself in the Ovcio wrap is always a treat.

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Featherweight Cashmere Scarf

Static Electricity? Pffft.

Designed to be static electricity free! 100% all-natural cashmere fiber, plus the natural dyeing helps to prevent the static electricity in the winter effectively.

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Ovcio Reviewer

You never know what you will actually receive when you buy online, but the Ovcio wrap I bought was better than I had imagined. It is large, unbelievably soft and luxurious! The deep blue color is also perfect. I plan to get all my girls Ovcio wraps for Christmas! I LOVE mine!

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.9 (based on 2876 reviews)

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"You get to feel the mind-blowing softness."

- Forbes

"How can a lightweight wrap be so warm?"

- Pulse

"Ovcio is faaar beyond a beautiful face."

- Crunchbase