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Comfort, Redefined

It is scarf.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.8 (based on 6728 reviews)

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All-Season Comfort

The secret to creating the most comfortable scarf you’ve ever worn on neck? Harnessing the incredible properties of our planet’s natural materials, such as Mongolian superfine cashmere.

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Featherweight Cashmere Scarf

Mind-blowing Softness

Our natural, sustainable cashmere feels like actual heaven on your skin. You'll just have to feel it to believe it.

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Large but Handy

Yes, you can really put a huge (78" x 35") scarf in your handbag! Thanks to the YarNEO™ weaving technology, brings us the 300 cashmere yarns.

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Featherlight Cashmere ScarfFeatherlight Cashmere Scarf
Featherweight Cashmere Scarf

Less Weight, More Warmth

We love the lightweight and we want to be warm, but not sweat. The airy fabric keeps the air flowing between layers, blocks the wind, but still allows moisture escape.

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Flexible Styles

Stay confident from workout to the party, no matter in the summer or the freezing winter. Put yourself in our featherlight scarf is always a treat.

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Featherweight Cashmere Scarf

Static Electricity? Pffft.

Our most anti-static scarf ever! 100% all-natural cashmere fiber, woven in 300 yarns helps to prevent the static electricity in the winter effectively.

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Ovcio Reviewer

This is the second featherweight scarf I have purchased. Both are beautifully made, making them an every-day luxury that I love wearing. I am already trying to decide which to purchase next! With the accompanying bag, they are great to put in my bag to have handy for overly air-conditioned rooms or chilly spring/fall mornings. Highly recommend.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.8 (based on 6728 reviews)

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"You get to feel the mind-blowing softness."

- Forbes

"How can a featherweight scarf be so warm?"

- Pulse

"Ovcio is faaar beyond a beautiful face."

- Crunchbase