"The most comfortable scarf for men" - Forbes

The Ovcio SoftLite™ is the softest men's scarf made of 100% cashmere and woven by our latest SoftLite tech. It is ultra lightweight, heavenly soft, and super warm. Designed to provide you the everyday comfort and warmth.

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SoftLite Scarf

Less Weight, More Warmth

Made of ultra-fine 100% cashmere yarns and woven by SoftLite tech that adds Z-yarn in construction, making the scarf weighs only 1/4 of a regular mens scarf. But it has superior insulation that blocks the cold and keeps you warm even in -20 degrees.

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Designed to be Handy

This full-size scarf measures 180 x 60 cm/ 71 x 12 inches. But you can fold it into a palm-sized bundle and easily put it in your pocket or bag.

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SoftLite Scarf

Butterly Soft

Crafted with Mongolian cashmere that’s extremely rare and sought-after, and is processed and harvested in a way that maintains its unmatched softness! It’s silky soft, comfortable and won’t agitate your skin a bit.

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Fit Any Outfit Snuggly

We like practical items so we choose the color palette that fits most ensembles, you will never go wrong with this scarf.

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SoftLite Scarf

Machine Washable

Every man likes "easy" clothing... and yes, this scarf is machine washable. Thanks to the Z-yarn that makes the cashmere fabric more durable, you can throw it in a laundry bag and machine wash it COLD.

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Ovcio Reviewer

“ Oh man, this is the softest scarf I've ever worn. NO itch or irritation at all. It's unbelievable how such a lightweight scarf can be so warm. Will definitely come back for more before Xmas. Love it!  

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Thousands of men have tried the Ovcio SoftLite scarf and absolutely loved it. 

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"The most comfortable scarf for men."

- Forbes

"You get to feel the mind-blowing softness."

- Pulse

"Yes, the pocketable design is genius."

- Crunchbase