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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.8 (based on 2876 reviews)

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The Most Versatile WEARABLE Cashmere Wrap

After creating the world's softest cashmere wrap, where do we go? Yes, we made it WEARABLE, which means you can wear it as an elegant outfit, a classic wrap, a nice warm scarf and many more fashion styles.

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Heavenly Soft

Thanks to our new FlexKnit™ technology, making the 100% cashmere yarn amazingly soft and smooth. You'll feel happy every time when you put it on and wrap yourself in the mind-blowing softness.

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Breathable Warmth

We want to be warm and cozy, but not sweat. The 26 yarns premium cashmere fabric keeps the air flowing between layers, blocks the wind, but still allows moisture to escape.

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Ovcio Cashmere Wrap

Large but Compact

Yes, you can put this full-size wrap in your tote! So you can take it to office, shopping, party, travel... and transform your outfit in seconds.

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Versatile Styles

We love versatility and that's how we make this "One Wrap Fits All". You can wear it to the office or head out to dinner - and always looking attractive.

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Ovcio Cashmere Wrap

Static Electricity? Pffft.

Designed to be static electricity free! 100% all-natural cashmere fiber, plus the natural dyeing helps to prevent the static electricity in the winter effectively.

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Ovcio Reviewer

A true WEARABLE cashmere wrap. Flawless & beautiful quality…. came boxed and wrapped perfectly with a nice pouch. Color and softness were exactly as advertised. I could not be happier!! Thank You Ovcio! Well done :)

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Thousands of women have tried the Ovcio Wearable Wrap and absolutely loved it. 

You should too.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.8 (based on 2876 reviews)

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"You get to feel the mind-blowing softness."

- Forbes

"How can a lightweight wrap be so warm?"

- Pulse

"The WEARABLE wrap design is genius."

- Crunchbase