Light Blue Cashmere Scarf

Ovcio cashmere wraps are all natural, lightweight, ultra cozy and super warm. Most importantly, they are incredibly soft, feeling like the baby kitten.


  • Over-sized cashmere wrap 200 x 40 cm / 79 x 16 inches.
  • Classic solid color with fringed design.
  • 100% cashmere from Inner Mongolia.
  • Designed in California, USA.
  • Made in Inner Mongolia, China.
  • Woven by our exclusive RippleLite technology - soft as the baby kitten.
  • Ultra cozy and warm, enjoy a warm winter.
  • Gift box included. The best warm-hearted gift for her.
  • Free Shipping & No-hassle returns.

Heavenly Soft



Wrinkle Free


Odor Free

Minimal Pilling

Ripple Stitch


- Wash by hand in room temperature water with a gentle detergent or cashmere shampoo
- Soak the scarf for 2 - 5 minutes
- Avoid using a washing machine, fabric softeners, or any product containing bleach – these will remove the natural oil in the fibers and alter the color you fell in love with
- Continue to rinse the scarf until all soap clears


- Gently press water out and place it lengthwise on a clean, dry bath towel
- Roll up the towel and press with your palms to squeeze out excess water
- Do not twist or wring the garment and avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun


 - Protect your cashmere scarf by sealing it in a breathable bag with zip closure to keep unwanted creatures (aka moths) away
- Cedar blocks or lavender sachets are recommended to help keep moths out of your business

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Great present ..!

I got it for my boyfriend's mum's birthday present. According to my boyfriend, she really likes it and especially the colour ..! I concerned a bit because of the size of scarf but it seems it fits her well too :) thank you ...! (I wish the package wraps bit more safer as my box was a bit squashed) overall good ...!

A scarf for life

This is such a piece of art scarf. From the way was packaged with the history attached. I purchased it for myself hoping to be a nice scarf and it turned out to be a wonderful scarf. So comfortable, soft, warm. I will slowly spoil all my friends with one.
It may seem expensive but it’s really worth every penny.
Thank you very much for making a quality product in the world of consumarism that we live today.

great cashmere scarf

Ordered 2 and got them in really quick. The softness and lightweight of the scarf was not what I expected and I was very happy with them! The blue color is really beautiful!

nice quality

I am glad that I have this with me this winter in Michigan. The blue cashmere scarf is good quality, and it is so soft and warm. I always tuck it in my coat. But this is not the huge one that will cover your face and head as well. Will get another cashmere wrap from Ovcio in the other color.

Five Stars

great. lovely packaging. the gift box and quality pouch makes the scarf a perfect gift.