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Cashmere scarves are one of the most popular accessories not only because they are very cozy but that they elevate your outfit easily. A single cashmere scarf wrapped perfectly around the neck, slung around the hips, or tied at the waist can change the whole look. It’s a popular accessory among Muslim women and retains its fame across the men and women across the globe. But like any other accessories or garments, cashmere scarves require a keen eye to create the best look. It all depends on the pattern, the style, the way you wear it, and the body type. Cashmere scarves are the most popular type of scarves available on the market. The cozy, comfortable material endears them to many, but how they can be bent into multiple types of knots and their ability to spot beauty in both simplicity and patterns only makes them even more popular. It is quite easy, and very tempting to just grab the first cashmere scarf that you spot and throw it on. After all, they are that easy to wear, right? But creating the perfect look is something that requires the good fashion taste, or at the very least, a bit of thought relating to what you’re wearing. Cashmere scarves can help you balance out your proportions, so why put that opportunity to waste? So here’s how you can pick the perfect cashmere scarf for your body type and wear it in the most flattering way possible.

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#1 Find Your Body Type:

How do you expect to find the most flattering scarf for your body type if you don’t even know what your body type is? There are many types of bodies, but the most common are pear-shaped, apple-shaped, rectangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass. The easiest way to figure out your type is to pay attention to your proportions. Which type do you fit?

Pear Shaped:

As the name suggests, the pear body type is shaped like a pear. With lighter proportions on the top half, and heavier proportions of the bottom. These ladies will have heavy hips and thighs, a slim waist, slim shoulders, and a small bust. Ladies who suspect their body type to be pear-shaped should ask themselves the following questions. Is your top size smaller than the size of your jeans and skirts? Is your bottom area heavier than your waist? Do you have a slim waist? Are your hips to waist ratio large? Are your waist and legs heavier than your top half?

Apple Shaped:

Like the pear body shape has heavy hips and thighs, the apple body shape is heavier on the bust area. The apple body shape has a heavy bust and waist, and slim hips and thighs. Ask yourself this. Are you a larger size in tops than you are in trousers and skirts? Do you carry weight around your waistline? Is your stomach wider or heavier than your hips? If so, you’re an apple body type, my girl.

Rectangle Shaped:

The rectangle body type is identified by the equal proportions that it carries. Slim shoulders, a slim chest, a slim waist, and slim hips. This body type is often found in models and athletes. If you think you might identify with it, ask yourself. Are your proportions somewhat equal? If you gain any weight, is it equally spread across your body? Is your body shape defined by straight lines?

Hourglass Shaped:

The hourglass body type is defined by the shape of an hourglass. Equal on the top and bottom with a slim waist. If you feel like you might be an hourglass, consider: Are your tops and trousers the same in size? Are your top and bottom nearly equal in proportions? Is your waist your slimmest part?

Inverted Triangle:

Although this body shape is not as common as the others, some women might still find themselves identifying with it. The inverted triangle is a body shape that resembles a triangle turned upside down. Women of this build will be heavier on the top with broad shoulders and an ample bust, a wide back, slim hips, and a flat bottom. Ask yourself, are your hips the slimmest area of your body? Are you wider in the top half than the lower half?

Now that you’ve managed to identify your body type, let’s find the way to style cashmere scarves for your body shape.

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#2 How to Style a Cashmere Scarf According To Your Body Type:

When learning how to style our cashmere scarves, our main goal is to balance out our proportions. Cashmere scarves are the best way to draw attention or add dimension to certain body parts.

How to Style a Pear Shaped Body Type:

Ladies with the pear-shaped body type can use their cashmere scarves to draw attention to their beautifully slim waistlines. Having the favor of small busts on their sides, they can fashion scarves as crop tops. These cashmere scarves can be tied around the bust as intricate knots, or can simply be draped around and tied off. This will add volume to the bust area. You can also wear an open blazer with a simple cashmere scarf around your neck to make the bust seem larger or heavier. In another way, pear bodied women can also highlight their teeny waists by tying a scarf around it. The cinching effect will make the waist seem even smaller and the bust larger. If you’re wearing a solid color, such as all white, you can use a patterned cashmere scarf to break the set and draw attention to your slimmest part.

How to Style an Apple Shaped Body:

Women with apple-shaped bodies should look into avoiding bulky cashmere scarves around the neck as it will make their tops look even heavier. Instead, they should start using more creative ways of using scarves are belts and cinches. For example, you can tie a cashmere scarf on your belt loop, and the pattern will immediately draw attention to your legs. It will also add volume to the bottom half and balance out your top half, thus balancing your proportions. If you want to get even more creative, you can grab a bag or purse that hangs below the hip area and tie a scarf to the strap or any loop on it. This will draw the eye to your slim legs.

How to Style a Rectangle Shaped Body:

This body type is in luck. No matter what cashmere scarf that they wear, no matter how they wear it, they don’t have to worry about seeming out of proportion. The can wear a knotted design on the neck, wear it loose around the neck for an instant bust lift, tie it around the waist for a slim hourglass look, on the hips to make them seem easier. No matter what you do, you can’t go wrong.

How to Style an Inverted Triangle Shape:

Much like the apple shape, this body type should avoid wearing heavy cashmere scarves around the neck too. Scarves around the hips are also a major no-no. Instead, you can wear a loose top, and tie a cashmere scarf around your upper waist to cinch it up, giving the impression of a small waist. The hem flaring out at the bottom along with the heavy top will give you a balanced hourglass shape.

How to Style an Hourglass Body:

With this body shape, you need to worry about not connecting your waist to your top or bottom, as it will make you look larger than you are. But you still have quite a few options left. You can wrap the cashmere scarf around your neck and let the length flow along your back. Be sure to remember to wear short scarves to flaunt what you’ve got.

#3 A Few Popular Ways To Choose From:

cashmere scarf


Wear a scarf with both lengths down your front and belt it for a clipped look.

cashmere scarf

The Fake Infinity:

One of the easiest ways to wear a scarf, this style will work best for tall body types.

cashmere scarf

The Pretzel:

It’s clean and it’s quick. It can be worn on all body types as long as you adjust the neckline. For example, if you have a short neck, wear it accordingly to expose some of it.

cashmere scarf

The Simple Loop:

It is what it is. Loop your cashmere scarf around the neck and leave it be.

Cashmere scarves are an accessory that can add an extra flair to any outfit. Sadly, they are often overlooked. With this guide, you can make your way through the most adjustable accessory with time to spare. You can always style them just how you like them to be and even add a brooch or a stylish clip for a personalized look. Get the best accessorizing experience and save tons of your precious time with the most effortless scarf styles. Make sure to get the right scarf and style it just according to your body type so that you can rock the most flattering look, even on the most casual days or visits down the street.

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#How to maintain the cashmere scarf?

Cashmere is a very light-weighted and extremely soft fiber. This is why it needs quite a special kind of maintenance along with care. Let’s talk about washing first. Like every other natural fabric, you don’t want to wash your cashmere scarf in the washing machine. To maintain a good quality, hand washing the cashmere scarf with a mild detergent is always a safe choice. There are detergents available that are specially made for wool fabrics, like cashmere; you can use those as well. To wash, you need to soak the cashmere scarf in cold water for 20-30 minutes and add the mild detergent in it. If you’re thinking of giving it for dry cleaning, it wouldn’t be suitable as it might make the cashmere scarf stiffer and a washing machine would make it puffier. The next step is to dry it. There’s no need to use the machine dryer instead, go for air-drying as it’s the safest method. If you don’t have much time in your hand, then use a towel and lay the cashmere scarf out flat on the towel and fold it up to give it a gentle squeeze.

Once you’re done with understanding how to wash and dry, then comes on how to store it. All year round, different insects can enter your closet depending on the weather and damage your clothes, even your cashmere scarf. Insects, like moths, love to nibble on cashmere fabric, so to protect the cashmere scarf, keep the scarf in tight and fitted drawers. You may go for drawers that have cedar blocks as they’ll do the job best for protecting the soft fabric. Other than this option, you can use zip-lock bags or bags that are made of tissue paper-like fabric. Make sure that you don’t put out a cashmere scarf in the sunlight for too long. This is good to use when you don’t have space to keep a cashmere scarf separate from your normal clothes. Another important thing to keep in mind for maintaining a cashmere scarf is that it needs to be kept distant from areas or surfaces that are sharp and likely to pull the wool out. It’s highly recommended to go for soft surfaces and edges that will not ruin the soft fabric. Just in case your cashmere scarf gets damaged, use scissors to cut or a razor to trim off the excess wool coming out.

At times, when you wear the scarf and use decorative safety pins, it makes holes in the wool, makes sure you avoid as much as you can to wear these pins. Last, but not the least, there are knitting (Re-weaving) kits available that help in fixing the damaged parts on your cashmere scarf. You can buy them from a shop and keep with you to use whenever needed. However, they can be a little expensive, but it will surely be worth buying to re-weave those holes occurring from excessive wear of pins and friction against sharp edges.